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O’Neill’s Reel Lube

Over the years I’ve used hundreds of reels, and come to have some set rules about keeping the reels in top condition. Lubing the reels properly and often will make them last and last.  This process has given me insights into how, why and what to use. You must keep the water, especially saltwater, out and away from the reels inside components.

Give my O’Neill’s Reel Lube a try. You won’t catch any more, but you’ll be happier with the reel’s performance.
— O'Neill Outside

O’Neill’s Reel Lube is my choice for ideal lubing and protecting my reels. O’Neill’s Reel Lube will last longer, giving you greater protections for the parts that mesh together. It provides a barrier of protection against the damaging effects of fresh and saltwater. O’Neill’s Reel Lube does not conduct static charge, so it won’t attract dust and won’t make the inside of your reel gunky or grimy. And for you cold weather guys, O’Neill’s Reel Lube has been tested to perform at -35 F so it won’t freeze up while you’re on the ice. Using O’Neill’s Reel Lube will allow more time between service because it lasts longer than anything I’ve ever used.

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·      Instantly effective and outlasts the competition

·      Does not conduct static charge – to prevent gunk and build up

·      Displaces moisture to protect against the damaging effects of both salt and fresh water

·      Added rust inhibitor fights to prevent corrosion

·      Lubricates and protects past -35 F

·      Unscented, near-odorless

·      4oz bottle fits in your gear box for use anywhere

O'Neill's Reel Lube
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How to use it?

Open the reel and wipe out any reside. If you have a bunch of grime in there, spray in O’Neill’s Reel Lube and work it around with a cloth to clean it out. Lube the gears and handle junctions and you’re good to go!