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O’Neill’s Natural Gun Oil

What’s so special about this new gun oil?  It’s made from natural mineral-based ingredients with no VOCs - delivering the strongest protection and performance with none of that chemical smell. O’Neill’s Natural Gun Oil does not conduct static charge, and that means it won’t attract dust from the air and actually prevents nuisance grime buildup. The natural formula penetrates high volume narrow spaces and high frequency action areas better than any oil I have ever used. It has an extremely high flash point of 275 F, and will keep working past -35 F for those cold weather days. You’ll notice it doesn’t evaporate like so many other oils, and makes fingerprint residue easier to simply wipe away.

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You can shelve your rifles and pistols with confidence that they are protected to the fullest, with my choice for gun oil
— O'Neill Outside
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·      Instantly effective and outlasts the competition

·      Does not conduct static charge – to prevent gunk and build up

·      Penetrates deeply and quickly to protect all components of your firearm

·      Displaces water to protect against the damaging effects of moisture

·      Added rust inhibitor fights to prevent corrosion

·      High flash point (275 F)

·      Lubricates and protects past -35 F

·      Natural mineral-based ingredients with no VOCs

·      Unscented, near-odorless

·      Convenient 4oz bottle fits in your pack for easy field use

O'Neill's Natural Gun Oil
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How to use it?

Apply liberally and wipe evenly into the narrow and high action spaces, for powerful performance and lasting protection from rust and corrosion.