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O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner & Finishing Oil

Hunt with a gummed-up, dirty, rusty muzzleloader and accuracy goes out the window. You can’t trust it. Always having to play around with a muzzleloader is part of the fun but it’s not fun if you cannot maintain accuracy no matter what the target.

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O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner

O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner is a heavy-duty bore solvent that completely removes residue from the barrel and action. The powerful formula removes powder residue, hidden rust, and bullet or plastic remains quickly and efficiently. Made from biodegradable ingredients, O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner is scent-free and will help to keep you scent free too. This is not just gun oil, O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner is far more effective and that’s why it’s my choice for muzzleloader care.

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·      Penetrates and dissolves powder residue

·      Cleans and removes leftover oil and smudges

·      Removes hidden rust, bullet, and plastic fragments

·      Non-corrosive, neutral-PH formula for powerful efficient cleaning

·      Unscented, readily biodegradable

·      Convenient 4oz bottle fits in your pack for easy field cleaning

How to use it?

Just soak a cleaning patch liberally with O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Cleaner and run it through the barrel a few times. Use a dry patch to be sure it’s clean. If not, repeat and then use another dry patch to be sure. The break action needs a good cleaning too, so soak another patch and wipe it liberally. For the best performance and protection, finish with O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Finishing Oil.

O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Finishing Oil

With what’s ahead when using a muzzleloader, your finishing oil must be the absolute best. O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Finishing Oil is my choice to keep my muzzleloaders clean and protected. This finishing oil penetrates deep into the narrow and high action spaces to provide powerful performance and lasting protection. Made from natural ingredients, O’Neill’s Muzzleloader Finishing Oil will not evaporate, so it lasts noticeably longer than other oils, will not gum up in your barrel and action, and remains steady and even on the surface.

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·      Instantly effective and outlasts the competition

·      Does not conduct static charge – to prevent gunk and build up

·      Displaces water to protect against the damaging effects of moisture

·      Added rust inhibitor fights to prevent corrosion

·      High flash point (275o F) for safe use with muzzleloaders

·      Lubricates and protects past -35o F

·      Unscented, near-odorless

·      Convenient 4oz bottle fits in your pack for easy field use

How to use it?

Simply apply liberally and wipe evenly into the narrow and high action spaces, for powerful protection from rust and corrosion that lasts over the long periods of time your muzzleloader is not in use.

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