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O’Neill’s Marine Deck Cleaner

O’Neill’s Marine Deck Cleaner is my choice for quickly and efficiently keeping my boat clean. Made from plant-based ingredients, this cleaner works to dissolve soils and stains, fish guts, slime build up, and any other spills I might have on the water. Readily biodegradable and free from enzymes & peroxides, this cleaner is safe for marine life and the environment, and makes on-the-water cleaning fast and easy.


For my bass boat, I hit the gunwale, instrument dash, and around and inside the live well. Just spray and wipe. On my 24-foot offshore, I use O’Neill’s Marine Deck Cleaner virtually everywhere: the fiberglass from top to bottom, steering wheel, console, windshield, live wells, deck, everywhere. Both my boats look new after every trip, and it only takes a few short minutes. From the deck and seating surfaces, to the cabin and hull – O’Neill’s Marine Deck Cleaner does the work for you.

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·      Actually dissolves soils and stains

·      Plant-based formula is readily biodegradable and safe for the environment

·      Works on vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and all types of plastics

·      Safe for sealed wood surfaces

·      Light citrus scent gives a fresh clean smell, without overpowering

·      32oz spray bottle for continued easy cleaning

O'Neill's Marine Deck Cleaner
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How to use it?

Spray directly onto the deck, seating surfaces or wherever you need to clean and give it a minute for the formula to dissolve the stains and soils. Then mop up or wipe away for a clean lasting shine.